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Recreational Dispensary in Timonium

Recreational Dispensary in Timonium

Location: Timonium

As Far & Dotter, we have established our roots deeply within the vibrant community of Timonium, MD. Our choice of location was driven by the desire to serve and be part of a neighborhood that values wellness and embraces holistic health solutions. Timonium, known for its friendly residents and thriving local business scene, offered the perfect environment for us to set up our recreational dispensary and wellness hub.

Type of Establishment: Recreational Dispensary

Our establishment is not just any recreational dispensary. It is a culmination of our vision to bring together high-quality cannabis products and holistic health services under one roof. We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood wellness source, born from the market-leading cannabis brand, Curio Wellness. Our aim is to redefine the dispensary experience, making it more inclusive, educational, and tailored to individual wellness needs.

Services Offered

At Far & Dotter, we offer much more than the sale of cannabis products. Our services include educational events aimed at demystifying cannabis and its uses, holistic health services such as acupuncture, massage, and esthetics, provided in our serene spa environment. Our team of wellness experts and pharmacists are always on hand to guide our customers through our extensive range of products and help them choose what best suits their needs.

Products Available

The product selection at Far & Dotter goes beyond the traditional offering found in most dispensaries. We carry a diverse array of cannabis products including concentrates, tinctures, topicals, beverages, flower, vaporizers, pre-rolls, and edibles. Additionally, our holistic pharmacy offers high-quality vitamins, supplements, and health and beauty products, ensuring we cater to every aspect of our customers’ wellness.

Regulations and Laws

We adhere strictly to the regulations and laws governing the sale and use of cannabis in Maryland. Our commitment to compliance ensures that every product on our shelves is safe, effective, and reliable. Customers can shop with confidence, knowing that we operate with integrity and prioritizing their well-being above all else.


Understanding that wellness should be accessible to everyone, we strive to offer competitive pricing across our range of products and services. By joining the F&D Loyalty Program, our customers can earn points with every purchase, unlocking exclusive promotions and discounts, making their wellness journey even more rewarding.

Hours of Operation

Our doors are open to serve the Timonium community and beyond, seven days a week. We believe in being available and accessible to our customers, ensuring they can drop by at their convenience to explore our products or engage with our wellness services.

Contact Information

For more information about our products, services, or any other inquiries, customers can reach out to us through various channels. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist, ensuring every query is handled with care and precision. Contact details, including our phone number, email address, and physical location, are readily available on our website and promotional materials.

In conclusion, at Far & Dotter in Timonium, MD, we are more than just a recreational dispensary. We are a comprehensive wellness destination, committed to enhancing the quality of life for our customers through education, high-quality products, and personalized services. Whether you are new to the world of cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, our doors are always open, inviting you to explore the potential of holistic wellness and discover your path to well-being with us.

Recreational Dispensary in Timonium

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