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Cannabis for Wellness: The Role of Marijuana In Personal Health

Cannabis for Wellness: The Role of Marijuana In Personal Health

Did you know that one in three people feel guilty taking time for themselves? Meanwhile, taking care of yourself has a number of important medical benefits. Self-care has been proven to reduce symptoms of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve self-confidence.   There are a variety of ways to improve your […]

Health, Wellness & Cannabis: Our Trifecta Experience

Health Wellness & Cannabis Our Trifecta Experience

The terms health and wellness are often used interchangeably to describe the overall well-being of a person’s physical, mental, and even spiritual state. Although you can’t have one without the other, it’s important to understand that health is the goal, while wellness is the process a person follows to achieve it.  Wellness comprises six dimensions: The […]

How to Buy Cannabis In Maryland: Your 5-Step Guide

How to Buy Cannabis In Maryland

Negative stereotypes have existed around cannabis for decades, but with growing recognition of the plant’s potential benefits, it has quickly become a less taboo topic. With many states legalizing cannabis, understanding how to buy and use cannabis is more essential than ever. Curious about how to buy cannabis in Maryland? Follow this simple five-step guide.  […]

The Best Cannabis for Sleep: How To Choose

With the rise of excessive screen time, social media, work-related stress, and other factors that disrupt our sleep patterns, sleep often isn’t a priority. However, sleep is a crucial part of our well-being that can have significant long-term effects on our health.  With so many people suffering from the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation, there’s […]

5 Cannabis Trends That Tell an Exciting Story

5 Cannabis Trends That Tell an Exciting Story

Colorado and Washington were the first to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, followed by 20 more states 11 years later. During this widespread legalization, the cannabis industry has experienced much growth. Here are a few noteworthy trends that provide a glimpse into the industry’s future. 1. New cannabis products are emerging in various markets Cannabis is a […]

What Is A Holistic Dispensary? Here’s What to Know

What Is A Holistic Dispensary

Holistic health has taken the healthcare industry by storm, as it goes beyond healing a person’s specific ailment and focuses on healing a person as a whole, including their mind, body, and spirit. Unlike alternative medicine, a holistic health approach may work with pharmaceuticals but also involves looking at a person’s overall lifestyle to take […]

How Our Timonium Marijuana Dispensary Is Different

How Our Timonium Marijuana Dispensary Is Different

Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana or recreational products — there are a few factors you should consider, such as the quality of products, customer service experience, location, and prices. At Far & Dotter, we’re advancing the wellness experience by going beyond offering our customers an impressive lineup of best-in-class products.  We’re redefining the industry by […]


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