Weed Wellness: Products & Tips To Know

As more and more states embrace cannabis legalization, the market is opening up to a new audience: wellness seekers. 

The concept of “weed wellness” is more than just an emerging trend. It’s a movement that explores all the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant and how you can harness them to improve your holistic health. 

In this article, we’ll explore how you can use cannabis in the name of wellness, including some of the best products to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Best Cannabis Wellness Products To Use 

Whether you’re trying to improve a specific part of your health or your overall well-being, the right products can help support your journey. 

Topical Balm for Pain Relief 

Balms and creams can help you reap the topical benefits of the cannabis plant, including its skin-soothing and pain-relieving effects. THC and CBD-infused balms don’t reach the bloodstream, so they won’t lead to any intoxicating effects. 

The balm sinks into the skin to provide targeted effects right where you apply the product, whether you need to soothe sore muscles or relieve localized pain. 

Edibles for Relaxation and Sleep 

Edible cannabis products are perfect for unwinding after a long day. The right strains — Indica and hybrid — can act as a sedative, helping your mind and body relax. This can be beneficial for anyone struggling with anxiety or even someone just looking for a way to ease into a more soothed and calm state. 

Supplements for a Healthy Diet 

Despite not having nutritional value, cannabis plays a role in a healthy and comprehensive diet. Taking cannabis orally can have a whole range of health benefits, including reducing digestive inflammation in the gut. It can also reduce oxidative stress in your body, potentially improving nutritional uptake

Tinctures for Energy and Mood 

Cannabis acts on the endocannabinoid system, which helps manage cognitive and physiological functions, including the hormones that regulate energy, mood, and stress.

THC and CBD tinctures can revitalize you, stimulating everything from creativity to hunger. Whether you want the euphoria that comes with a THC-dominant product or you prefer the non-psychoactive effects of CBD, the right oral cannabis tincture can help boost energy and regulate mood. 

Tips For Creating a Weed Wellness Routine 

Before you start your weed wellness journey, ask yourself what’s inspiring you to start tapping into the holistic power of cannabis

The answer will help you choose the best product that aligns with your wellness goals. It can also help guide your choice of strain — Sativa for a more energizing effect or Indica for a more relaxing experience. 

Here are a few ideas to start incorporating weed into your wellness routine: 

  • Try cannabis first thing in the morning for a boost. 
  • Incorporate cannabis into your post-workout routine for rest and recovery.
  • Use cannabis oils to enhance your massage. 
  • Set aside time to practice meditation and mindfulness with the help of cannabis.

Bringing Cannabis Into Your Wellness Practice With Far & Dotter

When used correctly, cannabis can be a versatile tool for wellness. As the conversation around weed and wellness continues to gain momentum, look to a trusted wellness-focused dispensary for quality products and up-to-date wellness techniques. 

At Far & Dotter, we pride ourselves on creating professional-grade vitamins and dietary supplements, including the therapeutic power of CBD and THC. Explore our curated collection of wellness supplements or visit our spa in person for a next-level treatment.  

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