Your T-Break Guide: The What, Why & How

People enjoy cannabis for many different reasons. For some, it’s a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. For others, it’s part of their overall health and wellness routine, helping them to manage pain, anxiety, or other concerns. However, as with many things in life, a little break can be a good thing. Here, we’ve got your guide to T-breaks, including what they are, how they work, and the benefits of taking some cannabis tolerance break time. 

What Is a T-Break and How Does It Work?

If you use cannabis regularly, whether you smoke, vape, or consume edibles, you could develop a tolerance to it. In other words, your brain and body adapt to the plant and become less sensitive to its effects. 

A tolerance break, also known as a T-break, is a voluntary temporary pause from consuming cannabis. The goal is to give your ECS a break from the constant flow of THC and reset your body’s sensitivity to it.  

Why Might You Want to Take a Cannabis Tolerance Break?

Typically, developing a tolerance to THC comes with the need for higher and higher doses to achieve similar results. A T-break can help you avoid this issue, allowing you to continue getting the same physical or mental health benefits from the same amount of — or even less — cannabis. Using less cannabis can also help you reduce the risk of developing cannabis use disorder or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and save you money. 

How to Take a T-Break

Taking a T-break means you stop using cannabis products temporarily. Try planning your break for a time when you don’t have a lot going on, such as a long weekend. That way, you can pay close attention to your body during the process. Is the thought of going cold turkey too daunting? Ease yourself into your cannabis tolerance break time by gradually tapering your doses instead.  

Here are a few additional tips for success:

  • Avoid temptation by removing cannabis products from your home and putting your tools away. 
  • Fill the time you would typically use cannabis with something new and meaningful, such as meditation, yoga, journaling, drawing, or crafting. 
  • Incorporate exercise into your day. Being active produces endorphins and serotonin, helping you to feel good physically and mentally.
  • Get a friend to take a T-break with you. 
  • When you’re ready to reintroduce cannabis, start small. Consider beginning with around half of your original dose. Titrate up slowly until you find the amount that works best for you.

How Long Should Your T-Break Last?

The length of your T-break is entirely up to you and depends on your consumption habits and personal goals. Some people find that two days is enough to reset their body’s sensitivity to THC. Frequent users or those who take high doses of THC may require longer breaks of two weeks to a month. 

Reset Your System With a Cannabis T-Break

The occasional T-break can be a great way to maintain the effectiveness of your current cannabis regimen, allowing you to enjoy a more potent experience from less product. The best, most effective results also come from high-quality cannabis. Far & Dotter has you covered. Check out our menu online today!

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