Weed Topicals 101: Your Quick Guide

Smoking, vaping, eating edibles — there are so many different ways to enjoy cannabis. But did you know that one consumption method doesn’t involve consuming anything at all? 

Weed topicals offer an excellent alternative for people who want the physical benefits of cannabis without the high. They may not be as bestselling as some of the most popular vape pens or hash gummies on the market, but topicals remain one of the best cannabis creations on the market, especially for medicinal benefits. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the power of THC topicals for pain relief. 

What Are Weed Topicals? 

Weed topicals are cannabis-infused products that you can apply to the skin for localized relief. There are many different types of THC topicals, including balms, creams, salves, lotions, or oils. They each have their own unique formulations, but they all contain some level of cannabinoids like THC.

These topicals are applied to deliver relief from symptoms, although the specific use will depend a lot on the product’s other ingredients, as well as their cannabinoid content.

Unlike ingested cannabis products, weed topicals are absorbed through the skin, which means they can provide localized relief. For example, spreading a medicinal THC balm on an injured knee delivers pain relief directly to the inflamed joint.

The topical application also means that weed topicals don’t produce a “high” the way other products do. It delivers all the physical benefits of THC without the mind-altering effect. 

Benefits of Weed Topicals 

The research on cannabis and its absorption through the skin is still in its early stages. But the scientific community has already uncovered several potential benefits for using cannabinoids topically. 

Some of the THC topical benefits include: 

  • Pain relief 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Anti-itch effects 
  • Wound healing

What’s more, topical cannabis has shown some promise in treating conditions. The pain and inflammation relieving properties make it a good fit for sore muscles and swollen joints, which can offer relief for those suffering from arthritis

Research shows that weed topicals can treat inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. Other studies indicate that weed topicals could be helpful in the treatment of conditions like chronic neuropathic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. 

Weed Topicals: How They Work 

When it’s inhaled and ingested, cannabinoids like THC or CBD interact with your endocannabinoid system, or a complex system that links your brain to your body. This interaction is what creates the effects on your body and mind.

For topical weed products, it’s a similar process. After the product penetrates the skin, it reaches endocannabinoid receptors in your skin’s epidermal cells and nerves. The cannabinoids then bind to those receptors, which is what creates the localized effects, like pain relief or relief from inflammation. Once applied, the effects kick in after a few minutes and can last several hours.

With topicals, the cannabinoids don’t ever enter your bloodstream. This means you can’t experience any psychoactive effect, even if your topical product contains THC. 

Finding the Best Products for Topical Relief 

Whether you’re seeking benefits to address your health concerns or you’re just curious about how cannabinoids can transform your self-care routine, anyone can benefit from the power of topicals. It’s like having soothing relief and relaxation at your fingertips, all in one spreadable product. Of course, the best results only come from the best products. It takes top shelf cannabis topicals to deliver the results — and relaxation — you’re looking for. Explore our selection of wellness-oriented products at Far & Dotter, or experience the difference for yourself

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