Cannamoms & Cannabis Parenting: Your Quick Guide

Cannamoms may sound like a strange concept — how could cannabis usage improve the parenting experience? Well, a growing group of parents claims that cannabis parenting can bring several benefits for both the parent and the child. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannamoms?

Cannamoms are a subgroup of cannabis enthusiasts who use weed to manage and improve their parenting while also advocating for responsible cannabis use. The movement started sometime around 2018 — a couple of years after the legalization of cannabis in Florida.

While cannamoms started as a women-focused movement, the term can also apply to male parents. These people often refer to themselves as “cannadads,” and while they are a smaller group, they definitely exist.

As you can imagine, cannamoms are subject to stigma and taboo. Many cannabis parents report being judged by their peers. But cannamoms insist that using weed while parenting is no different than having a glass of wine with your kids around.

In fact, they claim that responsible weed usage can be very beneficial to your kids.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis Parenting?

According to experienced cannamoms, the main benefit of using cannabis as a parent is reducing stress and regaining the ability to wind down after long days. As a parent, you probably often find yourself rushing your kids through their nighttime routine just to buy some time to relax before ending your day.

Marijuana can help you set aside what happens in your work life from what is relevant to your children. By reducing stress, anxiety, and general burnout, cannabis can help you focus on your kids — from playing with them to listening to their problems.

Of course, not every parent uses cannabis when directly interacting with their children. Some cannamoms prefer to save their weed time for when the kids are sleeping, as a way to wind down and sleep better.

2016 study supports these benefits, positively associating cannabis usage with improved mental health and better parenting. Naturally, more research is needed — but the preliminary evidence is there.

How Do I Start Using Cannabis as a Parent?

There isn’t a set way to start using cannabis as a parent. Every cannamom has a different experience depending on their personal preferences and tolerance to weed. However, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Decide when to use weed — try to determine whether you’ll find it more helpful to save marijuana for after the kids are asleep or not.
  • Keep a close eye on your dose — most cannamoms are against getting blazing high around their kids, and advocate for microdosing as the better option.
  • Determine how you’ll handle questions from your kids — children are curious by nature, so be ready to handle their queries.
  • Consider using CBD only — many cannamoms prefer to use CBD products instead of cannabis, as it retains many of the benefits without the psychoactive properties.

But always remember that there aren’t any set rules for cannabis parenting! Every cannamom handles it differently, so you’ll have to find your sweet spot on your own. If you have any questions, try to contact one of the many online communities dedicated to cannabis parenting.

Key Takeaways: Cannamoms and Cannabis Parenting

Cannamoms are getting more and more prevalent, and the stigma is slowly disappearing. Of course, cannabis parenting is not for everyone — but why not give it a shot if you feel your stress getting in the way of your parenting?If you’re looking for high-quality marijuana to get you started in your cannabis parenting journey, make sure to check out our online menu. Here at Far & Dotter, we’ve got you covered — from edibles to vaporizers, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs.

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