What Is A Holistic Dispensary? Here’s What to Know

Holistic health has taken the healthcare industry by storm, as it goes beyond healing a person’s specific ailment and focuses on healing a person as a whole, including their mind, body, and spirit. Unlike alternative medicine, a holistic health approach may work with pharmaceuticals but also involves looking at a person’s overall lifestyle to take a broader approach.

There are a few trends that explain the increase in consumer interest in holistic practices, including increased health awareness, dissatisfaction with current healthcare options, influencer marketing, and self-care. 

Also booming, the cannabis industry has joined forces with holistic health to create holistic dispensaries. Keep reading to learn more about holistic dispensaries, the role cannabis plays in holistic care, and how you can make the most out of this emerging form of healthcare.

Cannabis and Holistic Care

Holistic care is focused on leading a lifestyle that incorporates multiple aspects of wellness to not only heal current health problems but also to optimize overall health in patients. Cannabis has elements that can be found naturally occurring in our bodies in what is called our endocannabinoid system. The receptors found here have been shown to have an effect on all major organs of our body, with the primary function of keeping our body in homeostasis. This makes cannabis an important component of holistic health practices, as its cannabinoids can be used to work with our naturally occurring system to help us reach and maintain a place of balance.

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can not only be used in different ways but can also provide different results, both physical and mental. In a holistic dispensary setting, cannabis is offered and used in multiple ways to help promote complete wellness. These dispensaries go beyond offering different strains of cannabis and include things like spa treatments, yoga and meditation practices, and a holistic cannabis pharmacy. 

Benefits of a Holistic Dispensary

Holistic dispensaries provide guests with a way to care for their body, mind, and spirit all at once by leveraging the cannabis effect on their bodies to enhance the experience. For example, a spa treatment may offer a massage using a cannabis-based oil to promote relaxation and target any areas of pain. Acting as both an anti-inflammatory and a stress reliever, the cannabis allows the guest to experience a higher level of wellness.

Holistic dispensaries also give guests the opportunity to purchase hemp-based dietary supplements and vitamins that can be used on a regular basis to promote homeostasis in the body. Aside from helping address overall wellness, holistic dispensaries offer a promising alternative to traditional pharmacies because cannabis serves as a more natural, less invasive form of medicine

Tips for Choosing a Holistic Dispensary

If you’re sold on holistic health and ready to experience the benefits of cannabis in your healing journey, you will want to begin by choosing a holistic dispensary that fits your needs. Although all holistic dispensaries will offer various cannabis products to choose from, you want to look at the experiences they offer that work together with cannabis to enhance results. At Far & Dotter, you’ll find a spa that offers acupuncture, massages, and beauty treatments, as well as a holistic pharmacy that has vitamins and supplements to help support your overall health. Visit our holistic dispensary today to find out how you can use cannabis and our services to help reach and maintain optimal wellness. 

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