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Is Cannabis for Weight Loss Effective? What to Know

There are many options for weight management, including changing your diet, increasing your exercise, or even taking weight loss supplements or medication. However newfound research on cannabis shows it’s a potential option for weight management. Forget what you have heard about the munchies — recent studies have shown that when used to target weight loss, cannabis can aid your body in shedding some extra pounds by suppressing your appetite, jumpstarting your metabolism, providing restful sleep, and decreasing stress levels. 

Can Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

Cannabis has the potential to help you lose weight. However, understanding how it helps with weight management is key to exploring this option.

Cannabis is made up of different compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work directly with our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many different functions. The three main cannabinoids that you can expect to use for weight management are THC, CBD, and THCV:

  • THC: This psychoactive compound is responsible for increased appetite, leading to the munchies. However, when coupled with CBD, these hunger sensations can balance out, allowing you to reap the other benefits of THC. Studies show this compound may correct an imbalance in our endocannabinoid system caused by the standard American diet, allowing it to start storing and burning calories more efficiently. 
  • CBD: The endocannabinoid system of an obese person shows their CB1 receptors are more widespread throughout fatty tissue, which has led researchers to believe there is a link between the CB1 receptors and obesity. CBD may work with our cannabinoid system to trigger these receptors and combat obesity. Additionally, CBD can be used as a treatment option for pain, discomfort, or stress, all of which may limit someone in their weight loss journey. 
  • THCV: This compound has been shown to suppress appetite, which can help avoid overeating as you navigate your weight management. 

Tips for Using Cannabis for Weight Loss

Before beginning any form of weight loss intervention, consult a healthcare professional, dietitian, or wellness cannabis expert. Healthcare providers and dieticians can ensure cannabis is a healthy option for you before guiding you in further weight loss activities so you obtain the best results. Wellness cannabis experts, like the ones found at Far & Dotter, will help provide you with the best type of weed for weight loss and help you understand dosages. 

As an additional tip, try to choose cannabis products that do not require smoking. Research has shown some adverse long-term effects of smoking marijuana. This can complicate your health goals and make it more challenging to participate in weight loss activities like exercise. 

See for Yourself

If you have tried other means of weight loss and found no luck, cannabis might be another option for you. At Far & Dotter, we offer various strains and other wellness supplements to help you reach your health goals. Shop our online catalog today and be on your way to a healthier you. 

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