How to Buy Cannabis In Maryland: Your 5-Step Guide

Negative stereotypes have existed around cannabis for decades, but with growing recognition of the plant’s potential benefits, it has quickly become a less taboo topic. With many states legalizing cannabis, understanding how to buy and use cannabis is more essential than ever. Curious about how to buy cannabis in Maryland? Follow this simple five-step guide. 

What You Need to Know About Buying Cannabis in Maryland 

In Maryland, buying and consuming cannabis was previously reserved for medical users with a prescription from a doctor. The state legalized marijuana for recreational users in July 2023

1. Double Check Maryland’s Marijuana Laws Before Buying 

Adults 21 or older can legally use and possess small amounts of cannabis. At any given time, an adult may have 1.5 ounces of flower or 12 grams of concentrated cannabis on their person. Possession in excess can be penalized civilly or criminally, depending on the amount.

2. Consider Your Goals and Preferences  

Embarking on a cannabis journey starts with choosing the right strain and consumption method for your goals and preferences. Define your goals by asking yourself why you’d like to use cannabis. Perhaps you are looking for pain relief, a sleep aid, or to increase your appetite. Your tolerance level is the next thing to consider once you’ve set goals. 

Start by inquiring about and purchasing products with lower THC levels. If you’re a new consumer, start small and slowly take more until you achieve your desired effect. Different plants and strains have different tastes, smells, and characteristics. Choose a strain that suits your needs and preferences by consulting an experienced budtender.

3. Research Dispensaries and Products 

Research dispensaries and products before you buy cannabis in Maryland to ensure a safe and satisfying experience. A good way to begin your research is by reading online reviews, ensuring a dispensary is licensed, and asking for recommendations from trusted friends. 

Knowing the difference between a sativa, indica, and hybrid strain can give you the best chance of finding the right product for you. Reading product labels and considering their THC and CBD levels can help you maximize your cannabis experience and minimize risks. 

4. Visit Dispensaries and Ask Questions

The number and variety of products you see inside a cannabis dispensary can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a curious newcomer, you should discuss your preferences, inquire about strain options, and clarify any concerns regarding potential side effects with knowledgeable dispensary staff. They can guide you on proper consumption and help you find the best products that suit your needs. 

5. Purchasing Cannabis 

Before purchasing cannabis products, be sure you’re doing so at a licensed dispensary or retail store. Once you’ve chosen your products and are ready to purchase, you will be asked for your government-issued ID to verify that you are 21 or older. 

While enjoying the recreational benefits of cannabis, always respect and stay informed about local regulations, possession, and designated consumption areas. Following these tips on how to buy cannabis in MD, you can easily enjoy the many wonderful benefits cannabis has to offer.  

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