How Our Timonium Marijuana Dispensary Is Different

Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana or recreational products — there are a few factors you should consider, such as the quality of products, customer service experience, location, and prices. At Far & Dotter, we’re advancing the wellness experience by going beyond offering our customers an impressive lineup of best-in-class products. 

We’re redefining the industry by providing a fully integrative, quality-over-quantity approach. By hosting educational events and offering holistic health services from wellness experts, we strive to simplify the ever-changing cannabis landscape and meet the diverse needs of our customers. Read on to discover how our Timonium marijuana dispensary stands out from the rest. 

Prioritizing a Value-Driven Approach 

Our mission to transform lives through cannabis is driven by our commitment to our five core values. 

1. Go Far: We believe in providing our neighbors near and far with access to cannabis-based health products and expert advice. 

2. Go Forward: Understanding that our customers are counting on us to reach them, we move our mission forward with urgency and a commitment to excellence. 

3. Go First: We’re constantly pursuing innovative ways to make cannabis-based medicine accessible to all.

4. Go Friendly: We want every guest to leave our wellness center feeling better than when they walked in, so we approach every interaction with openness and authenticity.

5. Go Together: We want to celebrate and support our diverse community by creating life-changing opportunities through cannabis medicine. 

Providing a Superior Guest Experience

At Far & Dotter, we strive to connect with each store’s community and provide customers and franchisees with the best cannabis education and experiences. With a high-quality inventory of products, we’re committed to creating the gold standard of customer experiences and are positioned to serve anyone from the canna-curious to more seasoned consumers. 

Taking a Three-Pronged Approach to Holistic Wellness

Currently, we have our flagship location in Timonium, Maryland and our partner dispensary Pharmkent Wellness in Elkton, Maryland, but are quickly expanding into more corporate and franchise locations within and outside the state. Many of our corporate locations will have a spa and pharmacy where guests can treat themselves to relaxation with one of our incredible wellness practitioners. Our expert staff also provide opportunities for guests to learn about the proper use of professional-grade vitamins and dietary supplements in relation to their health goals.

Curio’s Commitment to Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Curio Wellness, the parent company of Far & Dotter, is dedicated to cultivating a better way of life by offering and introducing innovative cannabis products to the market. Through its commitment to education and the creation of transformative experiences for all of its customers, employees, and partners, Curio Wellness has transcended mere branding.

Established in 2018, Curio Wellness operates in Maryland and Missouri, where it meticulously cultivates its 100% premium Curio Wellness flower, named Best in Maryland by Leafly. Curio’s impressive portfolio of products includes hygienically cultivated flower and a wide range of high-quality smokables, edibles, and topicals. In an industry where trust is paramount, Curio Wellness exemplifies integrity by consistently producing products that prioritize the health and satisfaction of their patients.

Going Beyond Expectations 

At Far & Dotter, we take pride in our commitment to education and holistic health services, ensuring you leave our Timonium marijuana dispensary feeling informed and inspired. If you’re ready to elevate your cannabis wellness journey, we invite you to visit our flagship location and keep an eye out for future locations near you. 

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