Holistic Wellness Acupuncture: What to Expect At Far & Dotter

Acupuncture is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine and has grown very popular these last few years. We take a holistic approach to wellness acupuncture at Far & Dotter, with a therapeutic yet self-indulgent experience. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Wellness Acupuncture?

Acupuncture originates from traditional Chinese medicine and involves the insertion of hair-thin needles at strategic parts of the body. The practice is at least 2500 years old and has recently expanded to Western countries.

The needles themselves cause minimal pain and may energize or relax you, depending on the treatment you’re getting. While there’s a popular belief that acupuncture is a pseudoscience, experts indicate that the practice is effective in treating conditions such as:

  • Dental pain 
  • Headaches 
  • Low back pain
  • Nausea related to anesthesia and chemotherapy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tennis elbow 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Asthma

Furthermore, there is some evidence suggesting that acupuncture may also help in managing irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and many other conditions. However, this research is much more limited, so your mileage may vary.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The leading theory behind acupuncture is that the insertion of the needles stimulates specific sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. Traditional practitioners believe these points are connected by a pathway that creates an energy flow called “Qi.” Allegedly, improving the flow of Qi can positively impact your health.

While the scientific approach doesn’t involve Qi, it does reckon that stimulating these acupuncture points causes the body to release pain-relieving compounds such as endorphins. 

Experts theorize that acupuncture points are usually very close to what’s known as receptive fields — areas of the skin that can influence neuronal activity. While the exact effect of receptive fields isn’t completely understood, a 2017 study indicates that they may positively affect your physiological health.

What To Expect With a Holistic Acupuncture Session

While inserting needles into your skin may sound scary, we make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Once you get to the appointment, the practitioner may ask about your symptoms, behaviors, and lifestyle. Then, they will examine any areas causing you pain and get straight to work.

The practitioner may not start by inserting the needles directly into the pain points. Instead, they may target other areas connected to that specific body part. Depending on your treatment, the practitioner may heat the needles or send a mild electric current through them to further stimulate the points. Other forms of stimulation may be used instead of needles, such as heat, pressure, or friction.

We offer two different types of services at Far & Dotter. The first is your traditional acupuncture visit, which takes about 60 minutes and costs $115. This one uses needles and includes a lengthy treatment of your pain points and symptoms, making it the best option for someone who wants to go all in.

But if you’re having doubts, you may prefer our cupping sessions instead, which last 30 minutes and cost $75. This treatment replaces the needles for suction cups that stimulate the same acupuncture points as traditional sessions.

Our team will be more than glad to help you choose the right session for you and give you some helpful tips to get the most out of your appointment.

Acupuncture at Far & Dotter

After an appointment with our practitioners at Far & Dotter, you’ll be left feeling utterly renewed — no matter what symptoms you’re looking to alleviate.If you want to book an appointment or find out more about our team of experts and the services we offer, take a look at our online spa menu. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information!

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