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Health, Wellness & Cannabis: Our Trifecta Experience

The terms health and wellness are often used interchangeably to describe the overall well-being of a person’s physical, mental, and even spiritual state. Although you can’t have one without the other, it’s important to understand that health is the goal, while wellness is the process a person follows to achieve it. 

Wellness comprises six dimensions:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

The health and wellness market helps people achieve well-rounded health through wellness practices that tackle all dimensions. This is also called holistic health. Before embarking on or continuing your health and wellness journey, explore how cannabis has emerged as a top contender for holistic healthcare practices and how it is helping people achieve their goals.

Cannabis and Wellness

To understand cannabis’ role in wellness, you must know how its properties interact with our bodies. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that contains endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. Research has shown that our ECS plays a role in major bodily processes, including:

  • Sleep
  • Memory
  • Metabolism
  • Liver function
  • Reproductive function
  • Handling stress
  • Processing pain

Cannabinoids may improve the functioning of your ECS. Research is limited, but researchers are quickly uncovering more about how THC binds to receptors to affect motor function, pain, and appetite. The same research has found that CBD may address nausea and symptoms of some conditions.

When THC interacts with our ECS, it stimulates receptors that help regulate our nervous system, reduce pain levels, and increase feelings of hunger. Although THC has been shown to slow our motor functions, its muscle-relaxing properties make it an ideal choice for pain relief if used safely. Additionally, THC is a psychoactive compound that alters how pain is perceived and enhances how food tastes

The research on CBD shows its potential in treating symptoms of several conditions, including anxiety and depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and psoriasis. The primary finding with CBD is that it works as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve pain symptoms and inflammation, making it useful in treating symptoms of chronic pain conditions, skin conditions, and other physical ailments. Studies have also uncovered that CBD may help users reap the calming benefits of cannabis while avoiding potential adverse side effects that come with THC, like paranoia and increased anxiety. 

CBD may help promote healthy sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, and aid in regulating symptoms of PTSD and other mental health conditions.

Cannabis goes beyond affecting the physical body and its processes. Cannabis, specifically the THC compound, directly affects our mental, emotional, and even spiritual state. Different strains and THC/CBD ratios encourage a sense of calmness, euphoria, and an overall sense of well-being. This, coupled with the potential physiological benefits of cannabis, makes it an ideal wellness tool for achieving and maintaining your health goals.

Cannabis as an Alternative

Another noteworthy attribute of cannabis is that it may serve as an alternative to certain drugs, like opioids and over-the-counter pain medications. Both options come with a slew of potential side effects, including but not limited to addiction, overdose, and worsening health conditions if used long-term. 

Cannabis is considered an ideal alternative option for those suffering from chronic conditions, as it provides users with symptom management with fewer risks. Considering that health and wellness is a lifelong journey, cannabis looks to be a promising option for people wanting to take a more natural route. 

The Far & Dotter Trifecta Experience

Far & Dotter takes a three-pronged approach to wellness by going beyond a traditional dispensary setting and offering wellness services like a cannabis-centered spa and pharmacy. This allows guests to experience the true benefits of cannabis and explore how it can be added to one’s life to enhance overall health and wellness. Here’s how Far & Dotter supports a holistic experience.


Although the Far & Dotter dispensary features all of your favorite cannabis products, it goes the extra mile by offering products geared toward specific desired wellness goals. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, for example, you can find cannabis products that will help promote better sleep, which is an essential part of achieving optimal health. 

Additionally, certain topicals can help manage pain and discomfort or promote rest and relaxation. Our expert staff is equipped to help you find the product you need to help you address your wellness goals.


The Far & Dotter spa treatment is a holistic health experience leveraging cannabis compounds to enhance rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

Acupuncture, massages, and beauty treatments are among the wellness services offered to guests, and each allows you to incorporate cannabis products to help reach peak relaxation. 

Facials, for instance, may utilize hemp-based products to help address skin irritations, redness, and inflammation. Guests may also reap the benefits of cannabis oils during their massage to help encourage muscle relaxation and target any areas of pain or discomfort. 

The spa experience at Far & Dotter is a perfect example of how the versatility of cannabis can be used in a holistic setting to reach your health and wellness goals by addressing body, mind, and spirit all in one sitting. 

Holistic Pharmacy

Not to be confused with the dispensary, the Far & Dotter holistic pharmacy focuses on offering guests professional-grade vitamins and dietary supplements, hemp-based CBD, and health and beauty products. These products can be used to help maintain your health or address other issues:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Immunity
  • Graceful aging
  • Sexual well-being
  • Bones/joint care
  • Heart health
  • Gut and brain health

An expert staff member is ready to help you find the most fitting cannabis product for your health goals or concerns.

Experience the Benefits of Cannabis for Yourself

Health and wellness is a continuous journey that requires you to consistently check in with your body, mind, and spirit, assess your overall health, and make lifestyle adjustments to reach and maintain peak health. Cannabis is an invaluable tool for holistic care and can help you practice your wellness from a multidimensional standpoint. 

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of cannabis and other wellness practices, schedule a free consultation with our clinical pharmacist Dr. Nina Fergus, PharmD or visit Far & Dotter today and ask our professionals how our trifecta experience can help you on your health and wellness journey.

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