Four 420-Friendly Vacation Ideas for Fun & Relaxation

Now that the stigma is fading and cannabis is becoming more widely adopted across the country, it’s no surprise that more adults are getting in on cannabis tourism. According to a 2020 report, 29% of all active leisure travelers are interested in cannabis-related activities while on vacation. 

As April 20th approaches — the unofficial but widely accepted holiday — cannabis fans of all kinds are planning to celebrate. Going to weed-focused attractions, relaxing with friends, and taking advantage of shop discounts in adult-use states can all be a part of celebrating this upcoming weed holiday. 

Here are the four best 420-friendly vacation ideas to try on 4/20. 

1. Go on a Weed Tour

Operating out of adult-use states like Colorado and Massachusetts, some companies offer “weed tours” to let out-of-state residents explore the best that each state has to offer. Depending on the package you choose, weed tours provide their own events and activities. For example, you might find: 

  • Sightseeing opportunities 
  • Behind-the-scenes tours at greenhouses 
  • Weed-infused dining or cocktail pairings  
  • Cannabis-infused wellness massages

2. Explore What Legal States Have to Offer

While some adventurous travelers turn to international destinations like Amsterdam to celebrate 420, you don’t have to go far to explore the world of legal cannabis. 

Here are a few of the best weed-friendly states for your next vacation. 


As one of the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado is one of the top destinations for 420 travelers. On top of the stunning natural scenery and abundance of dispensaries, this state is also home to 420 attractions like the Church of Cannabis and Mile High 420 Festival

Washington D.C. 

Thanks to a loophole in Washington D.C. law, this district has developed a thriving cannabis culture over the years. Try out the unique “gifting” culture at cannabis dispensaries, explore the vibrant art scene, or explore one of the many museums, landmarks, and historic buildings. 


While Maryland only recently legalized recreational weed, don’t count this state out as a vacation destination. Best known for its scenic waterways and historic sites, this state also has a growing market for weed tourism. 

New businesses are popping up across the state, including weed-friendly housing options. For a wellness retreat, you can unwind with Far & Dotter’s relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments, or explore the range of products in store at their dispensary. 

3. Attend a 420-Friendly Class 

Want to learn something new on your cannabis vacation? Look for a cannabis-friendly class or workshop. From joint rolling instruction to painting under the influence, the right class can help you relax, light up, and lean into your creative side. 

Most classes are BYOB (bring your own weed), but others may offer packages that include cannabis-infused food or other cannabis products. 

4. Try Cannabis-Infused Dining 

For adventurous cannabis consumers, there’s no better way to expand your palette than cannabis dining. A cannabis restaurant offers a range of dishes, beverages, and desserts enhanced with weed-infused oils and butter. Each dish has a carefully measured amount of cannabis, so you can sample as much or as little of the menu as you want. 

Taking a Cannabis-Filled Getaway For 4/20

With marijuana legal in states like Colorado, Washington, California, D.C., Massachusetts, and Maryland, pot tourism is attracting visitors from all over the world to the best 420 vacation spots. 

Whether you go to special 420 events, indulge in a weed wellness retreat, or just appreciate the scenery around you while enjoying your high, the best weed vacations are all about spontaneity. Don’t be afraid to leave the beaten path and seek out your own experiences — wherever that takes you. 

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