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wholesale cbd flower Oregon

wholesale cbd flower Oregon

You don’t have to pay a premium to own top-quality CBD products; Pineapple Society is an affordable source for high-end CBD coffee and wholesale CBD flower, both at wholesale prices. In your search for the best value, keep our Web store in mind when you want a product that is manufactured to the highest standards. Buy premium hemp flowers from our website and get free shipping on your order over $75- or sign up for our newsletter and you’ll receive exclusive deals and promos.

3 Reasons to Purchase Wholesale CBD Flower From Pineapple Society

1. We’re a B2B CBD flower supplier with a trusted name, which means a lot in the hemp industry. Knowing where your hemp was grown and under what type of conditions can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. It’s been scientifically proven that the highest concentration of cannabinoids are found in whole plant, organically grown and processed CBD; we proudly offer a full-spectrum product grown under superior conditions.

Spend some time on our website exploring the free resources found there and see for yourself why our CBD hemp flower at wholesale prices is the best deal on the Web.

2. A lot of CBD smoke online contains trace remains of pesticides sprayed on the plant while it was growing. If you want to avoid smoking a product that can cause harm to your body, purchase CBD bud from Pineapple Society.

With some products, you don’t really know what you’re getting- that’s not the case with our smokeable hemp flower. Shop for premium CBD flower and bold CBD coffee from a name that is synonymous with quality- Pineapple Society.

3. If you’re fed up with the high prices many CBD suppliers charge for their products, you’re going to love shopping for wholesale CBD flower from our online store. Prices on our White CBD Hemp Smokeable Flower start at just $14.99 for an 1/8th oz. Give our product a try and then come back and purchase a lb at the best price online.

CBD Flower- And More!

Enjoy a bold and flavorful cup of CBD joe in the morning to get your day started right; Pineapple Society blends fresh roasted coffee beans with organically grown, full-spectrum hemp to create what can only be called a masterpiece of taste and energy. CBD and caffeine interact uniquely in the body to create a slow-burn effect that lasts and lasts. Slow-release caffeine eliminates the jitters and leaves you with the feeling that you can take on anything the day hands you.

What the Body Craves

If you rely on coffee to get your morning started or are looking for a relaxing end when the day is done, try both of our products at Pineapple Society:

  1. White CBD Smokeable Hemp
  2. CBD-Infused Coffee

Spend a few minutes on our website checking out our premium organic, high-quality CBD Flower and CBD-Infused Coffee, then get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance placing an order.

wholesale cbd flower Oregon

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