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Phlebotomy Certification California

Phlebotomy Certification California

Best Phlebotomy Certification California Class

If you are considering a career in healthcare and looking for a specialized certification program, then look no further than American Harbor College. Our Phlebotomy Certification California program is among the best in the state, providing comprehensive training to help you become a skilled phlebotomist.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Through lectures, interactive presentations, skills labs, and simulations, you will gain the knowledge and skill to administer blood draws on patients. Techniques will first be practiced on manikin arms, followed by practicing a variety of different venipunctures on classmates during the laboratory portion of the class. In addition to learning the specialized skill of drawing blood and processing blood samples, you will learn medical terminology and anatomy as it pertains to phlebotomy.

You will also learn blood sampling procedures, laboratory safety, effective patient communication and the proper methods to clean up spills to prevent infection. Once you successfully finish the classroom portion of the program, you will complete your training at one of our state-approved externship sites; such as a hospital, physician’s office or patient service center.

Externship – What is it Exactly?

Externship is an opportunity to practice the skills you have learned in the classroom portion of the program. Think of externship as on-the-job training. Externship allows you to be placed at an offsite location like a hospital, clinic, or laboratory to complete the required hours for the practical portion of the program.

All programs offered through American Harbor College partners include didactic and practical training. Didactic or classroom training will build the foundation as what you learn in the classroom. The didactic portion of the program may include learning medical terminology, anatomy or safety procedures. In the practical part, you will practice procedures like blood draws on classmates. The majority of your practical training will come from the experience you receive during externship.

Why American Harbor College?

At American Harbor College, we provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in your career as a phlebotomist. Our Phlebotomy Certification California program is designed to equip you with hands-on experience, advanced knowledge, and practical skills you need to become an expert in this field.

Our experienced instructors have years of experience working in the healthcare industry and are passionate about helping students succeed. They will guide you through the program, providing you with personalized attention and support every step of the way.

What Makes Our Program Stand Out?

Our program stands out from other Phlebotomy Certification programs in California because we provide our students with comprehensive training, combining classroom instruction with hands-on externship experience.

Our state-approved externship sites offer a variety of clinical settings, allowing for diverse experiences in the medical field. The opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in real-world situations ensures that you will be well-prepared for your new career as a phlebotomist.

What Are the Benefits of This Program?

By enrolling in our Phlebotomy Certification California program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of phlebotomy techniques and procedures. You will also develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively with patients, handle laboratory equipment safely, and process blood samples accurately.

Upon completion of the program and your state-approved externship, you will be eligible to take the National Certification Exam for Phlebotomy Technicians. Once certified, you will be qualified to work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy! To register with our California Phlebotomy school, simply fill out our online application or contact us for more information about our program. Our friendly admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your journey towards a successful career as a phlebotomist.

What Sets American Harbor College Apart?

At American Harbor College, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and support. Our Phlebotomy Certification California program is designed to make you job-ready in as little as 4-6 weeks. Keep us in mind when comparing and researching approved phlebotomy schools in California.

Our experienced instructors, state-approved externship sites, comprehensive curriculum, and personalized attention make us the best choice for anyone looking to start a career in phlebotomy. Don’t wait; enroll in our program today and start your journey towards a rewarding career in healthcare!

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Phlebotomy Certification California

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