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Medical Marijuana Card Illinois Eligibility

Medical marijuana card Illinois eligibility does not need to deter you from receiving the medicine you need. The Illinois Department of Public Health allows a specific subset of patients to purchase high-THC strains. 1Body1 Life can help you navigate the certification process.

Who qualifies for a medical marijuana card in Illinois?

The state of Illinois bases medical marijuana eligibility on a patient’s condition or illness. The state legislature created an extensive list of legitimate medical conditions that qualify for a card.

Medical issues that qualify include but are not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Severe fibromyalgia
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • PTSD
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • Lupus
  • Chronic pain

There are 55 illnesses that qualify. The state has a vested interest in ensuring that there are adequate alternatives to highly addictive pain medications and invasive procedures that create costly epidemics.

Why is medical marijuana separate from recreational marijuana?

The government separates medical use from recreational use using these conditions. There is a large difference in the most active ingredient in the products available to each class of individual.

Medical marijuana is more potent with much more THC than recreational strains. The state regulates this chemical since it produces a non-addictive high. Medical users need higher THC strains to manage the symptoms related to their illnesses.

Why should I get a medical marijuana card?

The higher THC content makes medical marijuana effective. Research shows that these strains have numerous beneficial side effects including increased appetite, reductions in pain levels, and improvements in sleep quality.

There is proof that medical marijuana helps cancer and AIDS patients eat and gain weight. If you have a condition approved for use, you should consider obtaining and keeping a card.

Obtaining a Medical Card

Obtaining a medical marijuana card is fairly straightforward. You simply need to visit a doctor or professional capable of performing an examination, apply to the Illinois Department of Public Health, wait for your approval, and receive and register your card.

While being denied is not the end of the world, it means that you will need to find help in applying again. 1body1life helps patients understand how they can better manage symptoms of legitimate illnesses.

Keeping a Medical Card

Once you receive a medical card, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires you to recertify every three years. You must also re-register annually.

Failing to keep your information up to date will result in the loss of status. You will need to apply for approval again, going through a time-consuming process that restricts access to your medicine.

Medical Marijuana Card Illinois Eligibility

Medical marijuana card Illinois eligibility requirements should not deter you from receiving the care you deserve. 1Body1Life helps patients navigate the complex stat system. We specialize in holistic health and wellness and believe that everyone deserves access to care.

You can get in touch with us in person or through a virtual visitation. Schedule your appointment today. There is no need to wait. You can get a medical card from the comfort of your home.



Medical Marijuana Card Illinois Eligibility

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