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For Physicians

Maryland patients can now join the more than 3,000,000 medical cannabis patients in the U.S. who participate in state-run programs. The Maryland program respects and honors the provider-patient relationship, empowering approved practitioners to recommend patients for a trusted remedy that's already providing relief to millions around the country. Licensed providers in Maryland—including physicians, dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners, and podiatrists—are eligible to register, and in turn recommend medical cannabis to their patients.

Make the most of this natural healthcare resource

Qualifying Maryland medical professionals now have access to medical cannabis as a source of treatment. As a licensed provider registered with Maryland’s medical cannabis program, you can now provide patients with this proven holistic therapy. Cannabis has been shown to improve quality of life for patients of all ages plagued by a variety of conditions. And, in states with medical cannabis programs, deaths from opiate overdoses have fallen by an average of 25% compared to states without medical cannabis programs[1]. Patient access starts with you, so register with the state to ensure your patients have the healthcare opportunities they need.


[1] Source

Recommending Medical Cannabis

Participating in Maryland’s program is as easy as a click and a conversation. Once you register with the state, you can discuss with your patients if medical cannabis is the right choice for them and make recommendations. A medical cannabis recommendation allows registered patients to obtain the appropriate amount and type of product from a licensed Maryland dispensary.

Insurance Coverage

Medical cannabis is an out-of-pocket expense, not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or health insurance. Participating in a state-run medical cannabis program does not violate any Medicare or Medicaid rules, as long as the provider complies with state and federal laws and adheres to proper billing practices.

Complying with Federal Laws

Though medical use of cannabis is legal in Maryland and 28 other states, it is still a Schedule I substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This means that physicians may not prescribe cannabis, but rather can only recommend or provide written certification for their patients.

Physicians who operate under the constraints of their state’s program have not been prosecuted. Discussing and recommending medical cannabis use with a patient has been upheld as a First Amendment right and protects registered medical practitioners from DEA de-registration. In addition, any concern over action by the Department of Justice is also removed as the agency has deferred enforcement to the state and local levels. It is recommended that participating doctors establish compliance programs within their practice to ensure they are operating in accordance with state and federal laws.

The medical cannabis advice patients deserve

Renowned palliative care physician and health services researcher Dr. David Casarett wrote this book as a promise to a patient: to explore the possibilities of medical cannabis with an open mind. Determined to be able to give advice backed by science and uncluttered by myths and politics, Stoned is Dr. Casarett’s fascinating and humane contribution to the medical cannabis conversation.

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